Beneficiary: Free Again Wildlife Rehabilitation

"I just want to say thanks to both of you. I'm very grateful for this series and Laura thank you for being a part of that. And I always just appreciate what I hear and what I learn. And just having the opportunity - so thank you both."
Jean, USA

"Thank you Laura and Christine. And Laura I really love your enthusiasm with everything you talked about today."
Allison, Canada

"Thanks both of you. I really loved this idea that we - you have this thing - that donates to charity at the same time it shares information and opens up these ideas. Just lovely, thank you."
Rebecca, Canada

"How we much we enjoy everybody - every speaker brings something new to the table. And that's very much appreciated."
Janice, Canada

"Thank you both so very much. You guys are amazing and doing everthing you do for animals. It fills my heart and the fact that this is all going to charity too. Just sharing your perspectives so that we can understand a lot better and share that perspective with others - it means a lot to me. So thank you."
Moe, Canada

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