About Laura Marjorie Miller

Laura Marjorie Miller of O Best Beloved is a professional animal communicator. She achieved her professional certification through AnimalTalk Africa, an academy based in Cape Town, South Africa. Laura chose the program for it includes wild as well as domesticated animals because she wants to be versatile and able to serve as many different kinds of animals as possible—and for its rigorous peer review and high code of ethics. Laura has also studied Primate Behavior and Primate Conservation at UMass Amherst, and Chimpanzee Behavior and Conservation through the Jane Goodall Institute. Since her studies and professional certification, Laura has worked with wild animals in sanctuaries around the globe, in addition to people’s beloved dogs, cats, and horses. She's also been a guest on podcasts and blogs in the UK and USA.

Laura chose this path after a successful career as a features writer because instead of writing about animals from outside and hoping people would listen, she could actually help bridge the gulf that has divided humans from other animals—to help humans understand the animals in their lives and in their care, and also to reawaken their own unique intuitive gifts so that eventually animal communicators like her will be unnecessary. Laura’s chosen to embody the change she wishes to see in the world.

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